Tag renewal kiosk In Blount County

Tag renewal in Blount County will be more convenient. {}A new kiosk is set for installation Thursday at 10:00 a.m. {}

Residents can stop by the 'We-Tote-Em Quick Stop' at 68960 Main Street, to renew car tags.{}

The kiosk was unveiled in May at the Blount County Courthouse. Revenue Commissioner, Gregg Armstrong, announced plans to install five kiosks in high traffic areas across the county. County officials say the goal is simply to provide more convenience. {}Armstrong says, this will be the first time{}people in Blount County will be able to renew their tags in locations other than the Court House or the Hayden Annex.

Drivers will need to bring their license, proof of insurance and a credit card to complete tag renewals at a kiosk.

The future kiosk locations have yet to be announced.