Tailgaters prepare for the weekend, Magic City Classic

Everyone is setting up. And from the tents to the classic.

It's been in the making for over seven decades.

Many of the people taking in the tailgating scene this weekend for the 71st Annual Magic City Classic, between Alabama A&M and Alabama State have been coming for many of those years.

"About 10 years," Terry Moore said.

"15 years, or plus," Ruben Carter said. Although, his wife, Angela says it's been at least 20.

The Carters might not be able to agree on how many years they've been at the classic, but they do agree that it's a one of a kind atmosphere time after time.

"You meet a whole lot of interesting people," Ruben Carter said. "Old friends, classmates. The game is on top of that and [there's] good food out here."

Moore says everyone who comes out is part of the family.

"Every year we see the same old people and we try to get around one another and just have a family reunion."

And it's a great reunion for the city of Birmingham. This year, the city expects more than 100,000 people to be in attendance. It's also expected to bring in more than $30 million, which is up $10 million from last year.

"I think it's a great source of income and a great chance for the people to get out and have something to do in Birmingham," Angela Carter said. "[There's] not much to do here, so this gives everybody an opportunity to enjoy each other."