Tailgating at Super Bowl XLVIII banned

Tailgating and football go together{}like peanut butter and jelly or{}macaroni and cheese.

For fans hoping to eat, drink and party in the parking lot of MetLife Stadium in New Jersey before{}Super Bowl XLVIII, it's not going to happen.

Yep.{} Tailgating has been banned by the Super Bowl Committee.{} Instead, people attending the NFL's championship{}game have the option of{}eating and having{}a beer or two in or right next to their vehicle.{} Grills and lounge chairs will have to stay at home.

Another oddity: fans will not be allowed to park away from the stadium and walk to the game.{}{}Those people{}must take public transportation or a{}game shuttle.{} Only vehicles with parking passes will be allowed into the parking lots, so that also means those who{}were planning to take a taxi or a limo will have to come up with another mode of transportation.