Taking away the keys: Older drivers

It can be very difficult to have a conversation with aging relatives about their driving habits, and perhaps, encouraging them to put down their car keys.

According to experts, these experiences will become more prevalent as the Baby Boomer generation continues to age. But they contend knowing the warning signs and strategies to opening up the dialogue can help families and communities.

UAB experts tell ABC 33/40 families should be open and respectful with the aging relative when broaching the sensitive subject, furthermore, they advise relatives to consider going to a neutral source, such as a doctor, to break the ice. Seniors typically experience more cognitive, physical and visual impairments and can be referred to therapist who can help.

Some states have laws that require re-vision tests for seniors. Alabama does not, however, Cynthia Owsley with UAB, says although the tests are geared toward increasing safety, there's no evidence that a vision re-screening process, specifically, makes the road safer across the board.

For more information on the UAB Driving Assessment Clinic where seniors and their families can talk with experts and participate in tests, visit this website: