Taking the stress out of homework

{}{}{} Lots of students and families ''stress'' about homework.{} but, it doesn't have to be such an emotional burden each night. {}{}{}{}{} Psychologists say the first step to overcoming homework stress is to have a plan. {}{}{}{} Give them a chance to unwind after school. {}{}{}{} After a half-hour to get a snack and relax, start the homework right away. {}{}{}{} You can also schedule a certain hour of the day, like "homework hour" or set a goal, like, homework will be done before dinner.{}{}{}{} When it comes to really big assignments, here's some advice.{}{}Dr. Kate Eshleman, of the Cleveland Clinic says, "So, if they are worried about getting a certain grade on a project or getting it done by a certain time, talking through that, looking at the steps to completing that and putting a plan in place." {}{}Dr. Eshleman says to let your children know you're there to help, without doing the work for them. {}{}{}{} Getting them organized will alleviate homework stress significantly.