Talladega mini storage burglary suspect caught during stake out

It took a single stake out for Talladega County investigators to catch the man accused of multiple break-ins at a storage facility.

Sheriff Jimmy Kilgore said his office received several complaints about break-ins at Renfroe Economy Mini-Storage.

Deputies caught 47-year-old Leonard Randall Kelly, 43, is charged with theft, burglary, possession of an altered firearm, and possession of a controlled substance.

The sheriff said investigators "saw some things that led them to believe that he would return."

Two captains parked nearby and maintained surveillance overnight.

"Sure enough around midnight, the perpetrator did come in and spent a couple of hours," Kilgore said.

"Stealing some other merchandise and they apprehended him as he tried to leave and recovered several items in his vehicle."

As part of the ongoing investigation, deputies went to Kelly's home.{} Kilgore said investigators found more stolen items there, including utility trailers stolen from Wetumpka and Pell City.

"They were loaded down with merchandise from the warehouses and I have learned today that the investigators recovered some motorcycles or mini bikes that were reported stolen up in the Lincoln area," Kilgore said.

Investigators said if Kelly could take it, he did.{} Items included a couch, skis, fishing poles, electronics, sneakers, bottles of champagne, clocks, and even rolls of toilet paper.

However, the sheriff said it appears most of the items, if not all, were still in Kelly's possession.{}{} It does not seem as if he sold or disposed of the property.

"That's a very great thing.{} It's very satisfying to us and as well to the victims to get their property back," Kilgore said.

Charles Price discovered a break-in at his storage unit in St. Clair County at the beginning of the new year.{} He filed a report with the St. Clair County Sheriff's Office.

On Monday he received a call from an investigator who wanted Price to come to Talladega to potentially identify his property.

He was one of many surprised owners who thought they'd never see their stuff again.

"I really didn't.{} I done give it up.{} I'd really give it up, and there it is over there, about $6,000 [of recovered property] in them three drawers right there," Price said.

"I'm very pleased with St. Clair County and Talladega County Sheriff's departments because they really done a dadgum good job."