Tannehill State Park cleaning up from flood damage

Flood damage at Tannehill State Park, Tuesday, April 8, 2014. (

A small stream that's usually an inside attraction at Tannehill State Park turned into a raging river all over the campground Sunday night when the heavy rain poured down.

Ted and Liz Shultz were away but he happened to stopped by early Monday morning and found their RV under water. "This is our favorite spot down here. We just moved to this spot last week. You can see now, you'd never thought something like that would have happened 24 hours ago," he said.

Campground No. 1 was the main area affected. It washed picnic tables downstream, lifted and moved whole pieces of pavement and the force was so strong that it dismounted bridges, not one -- but two. "They were mainly pedestrian bridges but rather significant. One goes to our rental facility on the other side of the park," said Park Manager, Stacy Green.

Green admits they are in{} panic mode. The peak camping season is just around the corner and{} in less than two weeks, the monthly 'Trading Days' flea market begins. "Its overwhelming because it is our most popular section. It's our full hook up section."

The water even washed out some of the bank along the creek. Park officials estimate about a quarter-million dollars in damage was done.{} County commissioners were at the park Tuesday to see how they can help getting the attraction back to normal. "We'll start next Monday on the cleanup here. Some of the rangers have already started the cleanup on small stuff. We'll start Monday on heavy cleanup, hauling material in and getting it done," said Commissioner Jerry Tingle.

Park officials stress that only campground one had physical damage. However, campgrounds two and three are open for business and so is the park.

Some campers like the Shultzs suffered a total loss. "Its a total loss...our insurance company made it a total loss," added Shultz.