Tax free weekend comes to an end

Shopper Michele Deese says "Good job Alabama." All Deese needed to know was that these items were tax free before she started shopping. "I think it's great, it's a very positive thing, and it's something good for the people in the community that they need," says Deese.

On the last day of the severe weather tax holiday, shoppers say they finds items like duct tape, ice packs, fire extinguishers and smoke detectors more affordable. For instance this generator here is about $600, but with the tax free holiday, it saves your $54.

Michael Calloway with Home Depot says, "It's really a great idea, especially because of what happened last year, so many people were without power." Batteries and flashlights have been the number one selling items.

Shane Beard with Target says, "Mainly people buying basic stuff like batteries, flashlights and first aid stuff."

Another shopper says, "The batteries and the flashlights are always a necessity in case the power goes out so you can see."

Beard says this holiday weekend was helpful, but says the timing was just a little off. "Most people are out of town and stuff but it's helpful, every bit, 9 or 10% helps," says Beard.

Calloway says, "It's almost reactive instead of being proactive."

But it still didn't stop shoppers like Deese to be prepared for whenever the next storm approaches.

"I'm from Virginia originally and we have bad weather there, but, nothing compared to Alabama," says Deese.