Taxpayers provide $466K for school construction in Fairfield

Construction continues at Fairfield High School, Friday, Aug. 8, 2014. (

{}The superintendent of Fairfield City Schools has seen his student population grow the last two years. He's working to make changes, but need money to make it happen. Dr. Walter Gonsoulin got financial help nearly $466,000 from taxpayers this week.

"Oh man, this is huge," said Dr. Gonsoulin.

Dr. Gonsoulin oversees nearly 1,900 children in Fairfield City Schools. A $13 million construction project is underway district wide.

"I believe you should always have a construction project going on each year," said Dr. Gonsoulin.

Construction workers are adding 44,000 square feet, a field house and others renovations at the city's only high school.

"We wanted to send the message from the outside that the buildings we have our children in are inviting and is an educational institution," added Dr. Gonsoulin.

A big part of education is technology. The city's top educator is putting thousands into upgrades there too.

"To make sure we can broaden our band of services. We knew we were going to be including surveillance systems and more equipment," added Dr. Gonsoulin.

The school district operates on an $18 million budget each year. It's no wonder the superintendent was happy to accept almost $466,000 from Jefferson County Commissioner George Bowman this week.

"Even thought we anticipated this money, in this business, it is never really here until it is here," added Dr Gonsoulin.

Bowman got the money from taxpayers chipping in on a one-cent sales tax.

"That helps us with what we are doing. It also helps us to expand our projects," added Dr. Gonsoulin.

Children in Fairfield return to school August 11. The construction won't finish until September. The temporary entrance to the high school is over on the back side where things are clear.