Taylor Hicks at RNC

Alabama native, and "American Idol" winner, Taylor Hicks opened up the Republican National Convention Thursday. {}He performed "Taking It to the Streets" just before Mitt Romney's acceptance speech.He's been asked if he's a Republican or if he's voting for Romney; however, he's been very reluctant to answer the questions outright. {}CNN's Dana Bash got this answer from Hicks: " I'm an American supporter. Both candidates are running neck and neck. I think it's going to be a wonderful election and I am excited about playoffs. "It wouldn't be far fetched to assume he might support Romney. {}Hicks is from Alabama, which is known to be a "red state."

He also told CNN, "I got the call a couple of weeks ago, and it was one of those calls that you just.. as an entertainer you only dream about. And to be a part of the political process in America, whether you're a Republican or a Democrat you've got to jump at the chance and hopefully get out and vote and make a difference, in this political election.. It's going to be a great night. "