TBN and City of Birmingham Joining Forces

16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham. (


Mayor William Bell, joined by other civil rights advocates and celebrities, announced in a news conference Tuesday that the City of Birmingham will join forces with the Trinity Broadcasting Network to televise the city's day of service and other events during 'Empowerment Week.'"It's good every now and again for us to take a look over this nation's shoulders into the past. The past is always there," said Willie Gary, a prominent lawyer.{}{}Empowerment Week will begin on September 11 and will continue through September 14. It will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement in Birmingham in 1963.{}

In that year, four little black girls lost their lives in a bombing at the 16th Street Baptist Church and police violently cracked down on protesters that voiced opposition to segregation and discrimination.{}

"Had it not been for the faith of our fathers, the civil rights movement may have not have ever taken off as it did," said Clifton Davis, an actor and television host. {}The partnership will bring Birmingham's story to many more homes.{} According to Davis, Trinity Broadcasting Network is the largest television network in the world reaching two billion homes worldwide. {}Mayor William Bell is asking church leaders to suspend their Wednesday services on September 11th with the hopes that they will join the city in hosting services in Kelly Ingram Park.{}