Teacher resigns from John Carroll High after allegations of "heavy petting"

"It's frustrating," Jefferson County Chief Deputy, Randy Christian, said. "Teachers are there to teach, students are there to learn."

Christian says trust has been broken far too often between students and teachers.

"I think now with social media, with good parents involved in their children's lives, they probably discover some of these things," he said. "And that brings it to the forefront."

At the forefront, Wednesday, was John Carroll High School.

Christian says a 25-year-old male teacher allegedly had an inappropriate relationship with two 17-year-old female students.

According to an email sent from Principal Charlie McGrath to "John Carroll Families," "We were made aware of unfortunate incidents involving two of our students and a teacher. Once notified by a concerned parent of a possible student-teacher relationship, we contacted DHR and notified our legal counsel who, in turn, hired a private investigator who{}aided the principal in investigating the allegations."

Christian says that's when the Sheriff's Department got involved.

"Right now, we believe that happened off campus and possibly in the summer months," he said.

McGrath's email also said "The teacher has resigned. At this point the allegations which have been revealed deal with situations of heavy petting."

"Inappropriate touching of a sexual nature," Christian said. "Right now, that's the information we have on these cases."

Christian says charges could follow. Inappropriate touching would be considered a misdemeanor, but anything more than that, he says could be a felony.

The teacher's name has not yet been released.