Teachers spend snow days prepping for missed school days


Most student in Central Alabama go back to class tomorrow after a second round of winter weather canceled classes for days. Two school systems will not hold classes tomorrow. Blount County and Cullman County schools will not re-start classes tomorrow. It's because some roads in those counties remain iced-over after Wednesday's snowstorm. Many teachers are now trying to work out how to handle the lost class time. Between the January winter weather and this week's arctic blast, most students around Central Alabama lost about 6 days. For high schools, it's cram time before standardized testing comes around. While the students enjoyed the snow, teachers have been hard at work.The past few weeks were filled with snow days. And youngsters in Central Alabama {}- and the young at heart, didn't seem to mind at all."It's pretty cool - there's no school really," a 6th grade student told us.Closed campuses gave teachers a snow day too, but their week has been spent not having snowball fights, but making sure missed lessons can be {}made-up and that's causing some stress.{}"Overwhelming," Lisa Baldwin, a Brighton School teacher said. "How can I do this in a short period of time?"Lisa Baldwin is a first grade teacher at {}Brighton School. She told us, even while at home, teachers have been working."We've still been collaborating in spite of being out of school to make sure students get everything they need," Baldwin said.The problem is figuring out just how to cram material from more than six missed days - into the regular routine when class starts back. During the snow days, many teachers have been consolidating their lessons missed - and focusing on the most important. Lisa told us, parents shouldn't worry. While it will be fast-paced, students will end the year getting everything they need.{}"We try to rest," Baldwin said. "We don't obtain that rest until we have figured something out - someway to get everything in for the students. It takes a lot of dedication."Another teacher we spoke with said in some districts, teachers have a built in review week - and they plan to use that time to make up missed lessons. ABC 33/40 also spoke with the Department of Education. {}It says while the missed days are a concern, it's trusting the teachers and administrators in the local districts to help students make up the lessons.


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