Teachers Unions Rally Support For Members

The Birmingham Board of Education is expected to vote Tuesday on a reduction plan that could cut jobs and save more than 12-million dollars. Teacher unions met Tuesday night to discuss a plan of action.Darryl Traylor, an employee with Birmingham City Schools, says "Folks are up in the air, they don't know whether they'll have a job." Behind closed doors, The Alabama Education Association met with members concerned about losing their job Tuesday when the School Board is expected to vote on cuts. Gregory Graves, AEA Associative Executive Secretary, says "You got political bullying, you got a tug of war between the board and the state and in the midst of all of it, you got employees bearing the brunt of the clash."Both the AEA and The American Federation of Teachers say they know who could be impacted and both groups are upset about it. AFT President, Richard Franklin, says{} "This was supposed to be a plan that touched top level administrators and it didn't do the job and it's sad. We're going see people, if approved Tuesday, lose their job and they're people who work with the students closely."A reliable source showed ABC 3340 who could potentially be cut. One list titled proposed classified consists of lower level city school employees and another list titled proposed certified has the names of upper level personnel. 74 names are slated to be cut on the classified sheet and 8 names are on the certified list. The unions say some of the jobs impacted could include teacher aides, social workers, nurses and secretaries.Traylor says "If they're gonna truly come in and cut at the top, do that and tell the truth to the public about what's going on." Both groups say they're prepared to take legal action if necessary. This may not be the only round of cuts. We have a letter from Superintendent Witherspoon{} saying that a phase two of the reduction plan will be presented to the Board July 3rd.