TechBits: Advanced Home Control (06.04.14)

The Tech Guy continues his look at home control systems. {}This week, he shows you how you can do more than just switch on {}your lights.The systems let you{}program devices- or even collections of devices- to go to certain settings based on the time. {}For instance, if you usually get home from work at a specific time, you can have your thermostat kick in before you arrive. {}That way, you don't have to air condition an empty house while you're gone. {}Or, if you tend to forget to lock the door when you leave for work, you can set it to always lock the door just after the time you normally head to the office.You can also use the systems for security, using devices as triggers. {}It's easy to program a motion detecting camera to record video when it senses movement.{}With just just a few more mouse clicks, you can trigger it to turn on lights when it detects motion outside your house. {}You can also set the system to send you an alert by e-mail if the camera picks up motion.There are many different ways to use home control devices in a variety of ways, so get creative!