TechBits: April Fool's Day (4.3.13)


Some well-known spots on the web decided to have a little fun with their users on April Fool's Day.Google is known for rolling out innovative new technologies- and this year, it's touting Google Nose. {}The idea is that you should be able to search for things the same way your dog does- by using your nose. {}The site promotes an 'aromabase' with more than 15 million 'scentabytes' of smells. {}Google introduced Google Maps 'treasure mode' in which users can help crack the code of old treasure maps encrypted by Captain Kidd..Nokia unveiled its first microwave oven. {}It has features like eye-tracking technology to adjust temperature based on how hungry you look.Twitter rolled out a two-tiered service. {}Paid users get the current service, and free users get 'twttr' in which you only get consonants. {}Twitter says no vowels means more room for better tweets.Netflix showed a silly side by suggesting specific categories for film & TV. {}There were categories like 'Movies Featuring An Epic Nicholas Cage Meltdown', {}'TV Shows Where Defiantly Crossed Arms Mean Business', and 'Movies That Are English But Still Require Subtitles'.This is just a small sampling. {}Many of the good April Fool's Day pranks are just a Google search away- even if you can't really use your nose.