TechBits: Apple & Microsoft rollouts

{} {} Apple and Microsoft have big rollouts this week, but both may have problems with their new products.

{} {} Apple unveiled the new iPad Mini and the iPad with Retina display. {}The trouble isn't with the devices, but with Apple's supply chain. {}Shipments of display assemblies are running behind, and that could mean a shortage of iPads. {}Apple's legal fight with Samsung could also play into the problem. {}That's because Samsung is a huge maker of iPad displays, and the court cases are straining relations between the companies.

{} {}Microsoft is set to roll out Windows 8. {}But it comes at a time when PC sales are down. {}PC sales make up most Windows revenue. {}Another challenge could lie in the design of Windows 8. {}The Metro UI is based on a mobile platform- and while it may work well on phones, some users don't seem to like it on a computer. {}Some are already looking to programs that will make 8 look and feel more like 7.