TechBits: automotive emergencies (09.24.14)

{}The Tech Guy found two devices designed to help out with automotive emergencies:

The Champ Survival Sidekick is like many other flashlights designed to help in an emergency. {}It has an internal battery that can power you mobile device, plus a dsitress light and a compass. {}It can be re-charged by a hand crank if you don;t have access to power. {}But the Survivla Stick also has a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker- so you can get someone out if they're trapped inside a vehicle.

The JunoJumpr eliminates the need for someone else's help if your car battery dies. {}It's a battery pack the size of a large smartphone, that comes bundled with plug-in jumper cables. {}It can start your car with a 300 amp delivery, but can also charge a cell phone at 2.1 amps. {}The JunoJumpr works with most vehicles- but may not give enough charge to starts a V8 or other large engines.