TechBits: back to school tech (8.29)

The Tech Guy takes a look at inexpensive tech for students:

{} {} The IRIScan Book 2 is an inexpensive portable scanner deigned for book pages and other printouts. {}It has OCR software, so images can be converted to text for use in notes and other documents. {}It's less expensive than other portable scanners, but perhaps not quite as robust as some.

{} {} USB 3 thumb drives will be a must for students who carry their files with them. {}USB 3 is faster- meaning moving large files will not take as long as with USB 2 drives.

{} {} The Matrix One tablet can get compact computing into the hands of students without breaking the bank. {}It's not as advanced as top of the line tablets, but with a price point of just $99, it has features usually seen in pricier tablets. {}It doesn't have cell connectivity, so all data comes through Wi-Fi. {}It features a mini HDMI output, as well as an SD card slot for expanded memory.