TechBits: geocaching beyond GPS (11.27.13)

Geocaching is going beyond just GPS. {}More GPS receivers and even smart phones are now equipped with support for GLONASS. {}The Russian satellite system gives more points for location, resulting in more reliable accuracy.

Some geocachers are also getting guidance from inside the caches themselves. {}It's through a system called Chirp, developed by Garmin. {}A wireless Chirp unit can be programmed to give Garmin GPS users extra hints or other information- and sometimes even details on the next stage in a multi-stage cache. {}Because Chirp is unique to Garmin, people who place caches must give a way for users of other types of GPS units to get the same information.

The cache itself can even give you direction. {}A reverse geocache is a cache you carry with you. {}It tells you how far you are from 'ground zero'- the spot where you must be to open the cache. {}You will have a limited number of tries to open it before it locks permanently. {}Someone good with mapping logic could easily open the cache in as few as three tries.