TechBits: Biscotti revisited (12.19.12)

{} {} A company previously featured in TechBits is back- as an example that it's possible to be a leader and a follower in tech at the same time.

{} {} Biscotti makes a unit that sits on top of your TV, and allows you to video chats with friends and family without having to be in front of your computer's web cam.

{} {} Other companies are now making similar devices. {}Logitech has one that uses the same concept, but incorporates Skype compatibility. {}The problem is that the unit is large, and may not fit well on top of some TVs.

{} {} Biscotti is also taking a cue from other devices. {}Many companies have come out with cloud cameras, which attach to your network, and allow you to monitor what's happening at home from the web or a mobile app. {}Biscotti added a similar feature in its software- but for most people, they're likely to only see the area where they usually sit when they're chatting online.