TechBits: Bluetooth locators (06.25.14)

The Bluetooth connection on your phone can be a powerful ally if you lose things you love.It can be used with the Stick N Find app to find locator tags you stick to things like your keys or your camera. {}The app serves as sort of a smartphone radar, which can show you when you're getting close to your tags. {}You can even use the app to ping the tags, making them light up and beep, to more easily find an item close by. {}The app also has a map to show you were in the world tags were the last time they were detected. {}It can also set up a virtual leash, to let you know when your items get too far way.A company called BeLuvv has a similar product, called Puppy. {}It;s deigned to be a virtual leash for your dog. {}It can alert you when your furry friend gets too far away, so it doesn't have much of a head start if it runs away. {}If your dog does make a dash for it, other phones with the Puppy app can alert you when your dog gets close.