TechBits: Camera Remote (06.20.12)

Getting hard-to-get shots is getting easier, thanks to camera remotes like the new one released by Satechi. {}It has a group of features that can help in a variety of situations:

Remote shutter release allows you to fire off a shot even if you're not at the camera. {}THis way, you can get in your own group photos, or position your camera in a place where you can't physically reach it. {}The hold function also lets you do long exposures.

Delayed shooting allows you to set t timer for when your picture will be taken. {}You can delay the shooting for up to 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.

Interval shooting allows you to take a series of photos (up to 399) at a pre-programmed interval. {}This is handy for doing time-lapse photography.