TechBits: connecting cameras & phones

Some tech companies are now working on devices and technologies to connect smart devices with good-quality cameras. {}It's driven out of the idea that while smart devices have good features an connectivity, standalone cameras generally have better lenses and sensors.

Nikon is actually integrating the new products with some of its point & shoot cameras. {}The s800c has the Android operating system built-in, complete with a touch screen. {}It's essentially a mixture of a cell phone and a camera with a 10x optical zoom, minus the cell service. {}Connectivity is through wifi and Bluetooth.

Nikon also makes an adaptor that allows you to use your smart phone to remotely control your SLR. {}It can be set for delayed shooting, and you can also set it to save the pictures wirelessly to the smart phone instead of the camera's memory.

Satechi has upgraded its remote control system to eliminate a standalone remote. {}It's now using the more advanced processing power of smart devices. {}SImply connect the app to a wireless receiver on the camera, and you can shoot manually, or program advanced timer settings.