TechBits: easy, memorable passwords

{} {} Creating a secure password is easy. {}Creating a secure password that you can remember can be tough. {}The tech guy has a couple of suggestions for making hard-to-crack passwords that are also easy to remember.

{} {} Try using mnemonics. {}Phrases such as 'Every Good Boy Does Fine', which many people learned to remember the notes on a musical staff, are good ways to make passwords. {}Take a phrase you can remember, such as "my wife likes to wear red shoes", and use the first letter of each word. This would produce the password 'mwltwrs'. {}It's hard for other people to guess, but you can remember it easily.

{} {} Another idea is to use random words. {}You can remember the phrases, but they're hard to guess- and they have the advantage of being longer than most other passwords- making it harder for software systems to crack. {}One example: {} {}(The tech guy admits, that one isn't entirely random. {}It's made up from four meanings of the tonal Thai word 'mai'.)