TechBits: gaming gear (12.25.13)

The Tech Guy got to look at a trio of gaming gadgets this week. {}The first two can improve your accuracy in First Person Shooter games.

A4 Tech has come out with a gaming mouse that has fast tracking, and very quick response time on clicks that can help you make sure your gun sights are just where you want them- and can be sure you get off your shot quickly. {}The mouse can also shoot burst with a single click.

A company called AirDrop Gaming has come up with the HipShotDot. {}It's simply an LED that affixes to your screen with a suction cup. {}The idea is to increase visibility of your cross hairs, to give you better accuracy in FPS games. {}Sometimes cross hairs can get lost in everything happening on screen, and the HipShotDot stands out.

The playmg is a standalone Android-powered gaming system. {}It's designed to take the place of loaning a phone or a table to children. {}It comes pre-loaded with games, and can also download new ones from Google Play. {}Bundles come with a re-loadable debit card for buying games. {}Parents can also set up and account that lets them keep tabs on what games and apps their kids are downloading- and also let them see what their kids are doing on the device.