TechBits: geocaching gear

{} {} This week, the Tech Guy looks at the electronics you can use for geocaching. {}It comes after he got a big response to a segment on the hobby that uses GPS signals for a world-wide treasure hunt.

{} {} People generally use GPS receivers or smart phones for geocaching. {}GPS receivers designed specifically for geocaching are getting more common. {}They can have lots of information loaded in- including much more than the coordinates. {}They can store cache information, log book entries, rating information, and more.

{} {} Smart phones can get all this information and more- and they can also update information on the fly- as well as allow web searches, and even more resources.

{} {} So why would you use a GPS unit instead of a smart phone app? {}Quite simply, accuracy. {}When you're trying to find a cache based on co-ordinates, getting location information from a greater number of satellites can get you closer to the cache. {}Also, some people just prefer using direction and distance information to trying to navigate using a map. {}What you use should be based on your personal preference.