TechBits: Google Maps improvements

Google Maps is used by millions of people- and those users will soon see some big improvements.

Google has redesigned the site to offer more map, and less menu. {}That means you may have to do less scrolling and zooming.

Finding things is just as easy as it was before- but now a 'reverse find' can help you get directions easily. {}Just click on a spot on the map, and that location is put into the search bar. {}Then, click on the directions button, and a second spot on the map. {}That gives you the distance, and the time it takes to drive. {}It also works for walking directions and mass transit routing.

You can also type an asterisk into the search bar to see all points of interest within your map area. {}Plus, in satellite view, you can get a scroll of images of POIs at the bottom of the screen. {}Hover your mouse over one, and you will be directed to where it is on the map.

Google is also rolling out new features for the mobile version of Maps.