TechBits: grilling technology (06.11.14)

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the Tech Guy got a look at some electronics to make your backyard cookout easier.Lynx plans to roll out a series of smart grills in 2015. {}The grills use voice recognition technology to handle ignition, burners, and more. {}They can remind you when to flip your food, and tell you when it;s done cooking. {}The grills also inter-act with a mobile app that can give you information about things like heat zones on the grill.When the cooking is done, you can easily clean your grill with the Grillbot. {}It's a robotic scrubber that uses three wire brushes. {}You can set it for a 10-20- or 30 minute grill scrubbing. {}Just make sure the grill is off, an completely cool before you let it go to work.