TechBits: guitar gadgets (12.4.13)

This week, the Tech Guy ha a trio of gadgets for guitarists- though one can be used by just about any musician.

Vox has released a headphone amp that can give you the sound of the famous AC30 amp- without disturbing other people. {}It's an essential tool for guitarists who may want to practice late at night without annoying housemates. {}It even has an input for an MP3 player or other audio source, making it easy for you to play along with your favorite tunes.

Blue Microphones is helping musicians get their sound right with Nessie. {}It's an adaptive microphone, which can help musicians worry about their music- instead of worry about their audio settings. {}It has modes for vocals and instruments, and one for raw recording. {}Nessie connects to your computer by USB, and is compatible with most recording software.

Tronical is helping keep the music flowing for gigging guitarists. {}It's new retro-fit robotuners fit dozens of models of guitar. {}To tune up, all you have to do is hit one button, then strum the guitar. {}The robotuner does the rest. {}It can hold 12 pre-set tunings, and six user-defined tunings. {}Installation takes about 15 minutes.