TechBits: inside the new iPhones (9.11.13)

The new iPhones have been unveiled, and lots of people are marveling over the new features.

But one feature you won't see on the new phones is a larger screen. {}This isn't totally out for Apple, though. {}The company has been experimenting with larger screens, and they may still show up in future versions of the phone. {}Many Android phones have been incorporating larger screens for years already- and some iPhone users have been calling for similar sizes.

Apple executives touted a 65-bit architecture- but the question is whether that's really needed in the phones. {}64-bit is generally needed for accessing higher amounts of memory in desktop and laptop computers- but mobile phones don;t have the sort of memory that would require the change. {}It may be a precursor to expanded features in future iPhone models.

Fingerprint recognition has raised some concerns about Apple keeping a fingerprint databases eon its servers-but Apple says the prints will be store don the phones, not on servers.