TechBits: inside the new MacBook (06.13.12)

{} {} Apple just announced its new MacBook, and some of its design is causing concern for buyers who may eventually want to upgrade. {}It's because the computer is not designed to be user-serviceable.

{} {} The memory is soldered to the motherboard. {}That means you can't easily replace the modules. {}Getting Apple to double your RAM could cost about $200. {}Doing it yourself with modules on the open market, the job would cost about $85.

{} {} Upgrading the SSD will also require Apple intervention. {}Taking it from 256gb to 512gb will cost about 600 dollars. {}A 512gb drive generally runs about $420 on the open market.

{} {} Also,{}the elements of the Retina display are fused together, so if you get a scratch on the screen, you have to replace the computer's whole upper lid.


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