TechBits: ioSafe N2 (08.28.13)

Keeping your files safe is critical, and keeping them accessible is a bonus. {}A backup drive unit the Tech Guy saw at this year's Consumer Electronics Show handles both easily.

The ioSafe N2 connects to your network, so you can use it to backup files- or access them- from any computer in your home. {}It can also take files directly from USB drives or memory cards. {}As software suite included with he unit makes it easy to use the unit as a personal cloud- with options for FTP, web hosting, and more.

The N2 can come pre-loaded with drives- but there's also an option to get a unit that uses your own hard drives. {}ioSafe made the N2 just as rugged as many of its other storage options. {}The unit is fireproof and waterproof.