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      TechBits: iPhone 5 problems

      {} {} Apple is dealing with a few problems with the iPhone 5:

      {} {} Some users say pictures taken with the phone have a purple discoloration in bright spots. {}Apple says this is normal, and is because of the type of glass used in the camera's lens. {}It advises not pointing the camera at anything bright.

      {} {} Some users report the phone going through lots of cell data- even when connected by wifi. {}It's happened mainly on Verizon, but some AT&T users have also reported the problem. {}An update to the phone's carrier settings can fix the issue.

      {} {} The biggest problem remains with the Maps app. {}The root of the problem isn't so much the app itself, but the data it uses. {}Apple got the data form a variety of sources, and hasn't quite got it all meshed together. {}The solution may just be time. {}Apple says it's working on ironing out the data issues.