TechBits: March 2003 tech almanac

The Tech Guy found a technology time capsule this week- right on his book shelf. {}It's a 2003 technology almanac. {}Taking a look back 10 years, it reveals a little about the difference a decade can make in technology.

Palm devices were still hot. {}Now, they're all but unheard of, having been replaced by smart phones. {}The phones can do everything Palm devices could do, with more memory, better graphics, wifi, and cell data connection. {}Plus, of course, they're phones.

In 2003, Microsoft was still trying to get some users to upgrade to Windows XP. {}The operating system was relatively new- and it wound up being a big hit. {}So much so that Microsoft has extended its support lifetime to 2014- making it last more than twice the lifetime of the average computer.

Google wasn't yet the top search engine. {}Lots of people were still using Yahoo and a few other engines. {}Now, Google is so popular that other engines have died out- and Google is even used as a verb.