TechBits: mobile device stocking stuffers (12.12.12)

Your mobile device can be used for serious productivity...but it can also be serious fun.

{} {} Desk Pets makes the tiny CarBot. {}It's a car remotely controlled from your mobile device. {}The car can be driven solo, or played against other users. {}The transmitter uses its own power, so it won't run down your battery.

{} {} AppGear uses real game pieces to for its mobile device apps. {}In Foam Fighters, you get behind the controls of a plane for flying adventures and dogfights. {}A mini foam plane attaches to your device to guide your flights. {}In Zombie Burbz, you can use a zombie figure to control a game in which you play the undead fighting off living invaders. {}The game can be played without the zombie figure.

{} {} If you just want a little more control over your gaming, try the Fling Joystick. {}It's a passive device that attaches to the screen of your iPad to help you get better tactile control of joystick controllers in games.