TechBits: news & social media (11.07.12)

Record-setting Facebook photo

{} {} The Presidential election meant huge numbers for Twitter and Facebook. {}Voters sent 31 million tweets in the final battle for the White House. {}In the moments before President Barack Obama was declared winner, Tweet volume hit more than 327,000 per minute. {}That's more than 5,400 tweets per second.

{} {} The President's re-election also meant a record-setting number for Facebook. {}By noon Wednesday, a picture of the President embracing the First Lady had more than 3.5 million likes. {}That's more than any other picture ever posted on the site.

{} {}Superstorm Sandy resulted in an image that's getting attention nationwide. {}A cover photo for Time Magazine shows waves crashing in with the storm. {}It was taken using an iPhone. {}The photographer uses smartphone instead of professional grade SLRs for stories he covers around the world.