TechBits: Perfect Pop (7.17.13)

There are many apps out there that can be a big help in things you do every day. {}Perfect Pop is not one of them.

It's designed to help you stop the microwave before your popcorn burns. {}You simply place your iPhone next to the microwave while the popcorn is heating up, then watch the animated icons- which will indicate the perfect time to stop the cycle.

The TechBits crew tried out Perfect Pop, but found it imperfect. {}Two out of Three bags of popcorn got burned.

But there's a bigger problem.

This app really isn't needed by most people. {}Listening to your popcorn as it pops, and pulling it out when the pops slow down (just like it says on the bag) is a much more reliable way to prevent burning. {}In fact, watching to icons to see how they behave during the popping can even distract you from actually stopping the cycle at the optimal time.

Granted, there could be a good use for it. {}Deaf people (or people with other hearing problems) may not be able to hear the popping, so it could help them- if it worked a little better.

In its defense, the microwave we used was {}a little noisy. {}A quieter model may give better results.