TechBits: portable power (04.23.14)

There are many options for getting extra power to your portable devices- and they go beyond just batteries..The EnerPlex Surfr series phone cases have solar panels built in. {}They generate power from the sun, and store it in an internal battery you use to power up your phone. {}They make the phone a little big and bulky- but they can be invaluable to hikers or campers.Dane-Elec provides power and data with the Mobile Junkie Media Streamer. {}The unit has a built-in battery beefy enough to completely recharge mobile phones (and then some)- plus, an SD card slot and a USB port for sharing your data over wi-fi.The D-Link{}Wi Fi AC750 Portable Router and Charger{}can also share data through a USB port- but it goes beyond that by serving as a portable router. {}You can use it to transform a wired network into wireless. {}The same feature lets you secure your data when using public wifi. {}The AC750 connects to the unsecure public wireless, then feeds the data through a secure wireless connection to your devices. {}That way, you get internet, and a firewall to secure your device.