TechBits: SLR video accessories

More people are using their SLRs to shoot video- and some new accessories being bundled together could improve the quality of your audio and video.

{} {} The Marshall Electronics M-CT7{}is an external monitor that fits onto your camera's hot shoe, and uses itsHDMI output. {}You can use it to more easily compose your shots and set your focus when shooting video. {}It can also be used for playback, with video support. {}It can run off its dedicated battery, or a wall socket. {}It can also use other video inputs for other applications.

{} {} The MXL FR-310{}microphone also clips onto the hot shoe. {}It solves the problem of the camera's internal microphone picking up sounds stronger near the camera than near the subject you're shooting. {}The mic has three different gain settings for different noise levels- and also has a bass roll-off switch for clearer audio in some settings.