TechBits: tech headlines (05.16.12

Some of this week's tech headlines:

{} {} New surveys show smartphone users may be focusing on apps rather than voice service. {}App downloads are up more than 28 percent from last year. {}Most users have at least 41 apps on their phone. {}Facebook tops the most-used apps.

{} {} Apple is getting top nods for customer service. {}In a recent satisfaction survey, iPhone users showed that they're happier with their phones and their customer service than users of some other phones.

{} {} Ikea is moving out of just furniture and house wares, into electronics. {}It's unveiling a new line of TVs incorporated into entertainment centers. {}The units also include speakers, and a media player that can handle Blu-ray, DVD, and CD. {}The units will roll out in Europe this year, and in the United States in 2013.