TechBits: tech news (05.30.12)

Some of this week's top tech stories:

{} {} The New York Times is reporting that Facebook may jump into the smart phone market. {}It says Facebook hopes to have the phone out by next year. {}Facebook has{}apparently hired a group of engineers who worked on the iPhone. {}Some tech bloggers say it's {}bad move for the company- because the smart phone market already has strong competition.{} {} Google is taking a second stab at its efforts to sell laptops. {}It's{}re-introducing the Chromebook. It's{}hired Samsung to build the machines, which are based around Google's web services. {}The next-gen Chromebooks came out on May 29th. {}A{}model that only connects to the Internet by wi-fi runs $450. {}A 3G{}enabled Chromebooks are $550. {}The upgraded laptops have high-definition video and run even faster than the original line of Chromebooks.{} {} {}A hand-written memo from Steve Jobs could bring in about $15,000 at auction. {}Sotheby's is auctioning off the memo Jobs wrote when he worked for Atari during the 1970's. {}It gives some suggestions on how to improve the 'World Cup' game. {}The{}auction is set for June 15th.{}