TechBits: tech news (11.13.13)

Some of this week's tech headlines:

Researchers have found they can hack into smartphones using the camera and microphone. {}A malware hack listens to the microphone for vibrations when people input their pass codes, and the camera shows the position of their finger, which can reveal the numbers being punched in. {}It has only worked about 30% of the time, and only with two models of phone. {}The malware has not yet showed up outside the research.

Google is using location data for feeding targeted ads. {}If someone searches on hardware, local stores can have their ads sent to them. {}Then, Google uses location data to find out whether people actually visited the stores. {}Google says the system is opt-in.

Some x-box users got an early Christmas present, when their new consoles got shipped to them before the release date. {}The problem is many cloud-connected features on the consoles will not work until the November 22nd release date.