TechBits: Tech News (11.14.12)

Some of this week's tech headlines:

{} {} Skype is shutting down password request systems because of a security hole. {}Hackers have figured out how to use the systems to get access to people's accounts. {}All that's needed is a user's e-mail address and user name. {}Microsoft, which owns Skype, is working on a solution to the problem.

{} {} Nokia is giving Apple some competition on maps. {}It's just unveiled a new mapping service called 'Here'. {}It operates in a similar way to Google Maps. {}Nokia has already submitted a Here app for iOS devices.

{} {} Apple makes more money per square foot than any other retailer in the United States. {}A new analysis compares earnings to the square footage of retail stores. {}It shows Apple made $6,050 per square foot at its retail stores. {}The next highest earnings were less than half that amount. {}Tiffany & Co. made $3,015 per square foot.