TechBits: top tech stories of 2012

The Tech Guy takes a look back at some of the top tech stories of 2012:

{} {} Apple released the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. {}The big problem with the new releases was Apple Maps. {}It was quickly panned for its problems delivering correct information, accurate maps, and more. {}Apple eventually relented, and had users rely on other mapping apps.


{} {} Microsoft let Windows 8 loose on the world, only to take criticism over the new Metro UI. {}Many users complained that while it was good for mobile devices, it was not a good fit for desktop computers.


{} {} Cloud computing became the new buzz-phrase in the tech world, as many companies rushed to offer cloud services, sometimes not even using 'cloud' properly. {}(Any online storage or service came to be 'cloud'.)


{} {} Patent suits dominated headlines, with perhaps the most prominent case being a long-running fight between Apple and Samsung.


{} {}Tablets took over. {}While the iPad was the best known, many companies flooded the market with Android-driven tablets.