TechBits: universal accessories

The Tech Guy shares some universal accessories for tablets and smart phones:

The{}DashIt{}is a simple rubber cradle for smart phones. {}It sits on your car's dashboard, and can handle phones of all sizes. {}The DashIt has channels on the bottom for power cables, so you can keep your devices plugged in. {}Its weight and tactile qualities keep it from sliding off your dashboard- though it can skate around the dash a little bit.

A company called{}Fuse Chicken{}has released a gooseneck charging system called Une Bobine. {}It's firm enough to support most phones, and flexible enough to bend into a variety of positions. {}There's also a version designed specifically for iPhones.

Stand For Stuff{}is now marketing the{}Universal Swing Holder. {}It's a stand to hold tablets, that resembles a boom mic stand. {}At this time, the unit is not yet even listed on the company's web site- though the predecessor, a stand for iPads. is listed. {}The universal stand has an adjustable grip system to handle a variety of tablets- and a USB lead that prevents having to drop a USB cable outside the stand for power.