TechBits: USB audio (05.07.14)

Taking your audio outside your computer can be a good move. {}Even the best internal sound cards can be affected by electronics fields inside the machine. {}This week, the Tech Guy has two devices that can clean up your sound- by taking it out of the computer.The Roccat Kave XTD is a complete sound solution, with a wired headphone/mic combo, and connections for your speakers. {}That means you don;t have to unplug the USB connection before launching software if you want to switch devices. {}(Some USB headphones require plugging and unplugging to make the switch). {}The Kave unit can also connect to your mobile phone by Bluetooth, so you can use it to take calls- without taking off the head set.Cambridge audio lets you take USB audio with you with the DacMagic XS. {}The tinyunitt is simply a digital-to-analog converter that plugs into your laptop's USB. {}Its performance is dependent on whether you use USB 1 or USB 2, but both modes give very good sound quality.