TechBits: wearable technology (4.10.13)

Wearable technology is getting lots of attention.

Google has come out with Google Glasses, which are specs powered by voice commands. {}They can take pictures, record video, and even do things like send text messages and place phone calls. {}The glasses are being sent to testers who've applied to Google. {}No word on when the glasses may be sold in the open market.

A company called Pebble is using Bluetooth to connect a watch to smart phones. {}The watch is designed for people who sometimes are not able to get their phones out of their pockets when they get calls. {}This could include bicyclists, or even people who are driving. {}It allows phone calls and other uses of app-driven data- but doesn't require both hands to operate.

Pebble was funded by crowd sourcing, and got more than $10 million in backing in one month.