TechBits:portable video (06.05.13)

A couple of new devices on the market can help you take your video with you.

The Seagate Central is essentially a network attached storage unit that also connects to the internet to help you take your media on the road. {}You can use mobile apps to access your photos, music, and movies. {}At home, you can use a Samsung smart TV app to view your content on the big screen. {}The device allows for public folders, as well as private ones that can only be used by some users.

Slingbox has released its first new models in 5 years, with the 350 and the 500. {}Slingbox sent a 500 to TechBits for review. {}The unit uses an HDMI connection to control a DVR or cable box, and transmits the video signal over your internet connection. {}That allows you to watch cable TV from home anywhere you have a solid internet connection. {}Just keep in mind that remotely controlling the unit also selects the video output at home, so two people can't watch two shows from the same cable box.