Teens, Texting & Sexting

Disturbing new numbers about teenagers and texting.

More and more, texting teens are becoming sexting teens.

That's according to a new study by University of Texas researchers.

In a survey of 950 teenagers, one in four of them admitted to sending nude pictures through electronic means.

About half had been asked to send a nude picture.

And about a third asked someone else to send them a nude picture.

Experts say, children need to understand the potential consequences of sexting and parents need to talk openly about it.

Child psychologist, Dr. Kate Eshleman says, "Educating the parents so that they know and then leaving it up to the parents, as well as other providers: teachers, pediatricians, that sort of thing to educate the children as well."

The study also found that teenagers who sext -- are more likely to be sexually active.